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Alicante Restaurants

One of our favorite Alicante Restaurants

Okay, I have to admit that I am not at all a Alicante restaurants critic, nor do I intend to be one. However after so many requests from some of our website readers, we thought it might be a good idea to let you know more about one of our favorite Alicante restaurants.

The restaurant Casa Julio is currently our best place to go if we take out visitors. It is located at the beach of San Juan, north of Alicante. If you stay in Alicante just take the Alicante Tram and it will get you directly there. Along the beach of San Juan and El Campello many restaurants are located and sorry but I have not tested them all. We tend to stick with good places for a long time, so we will not be disappointed. As far as Alicante restaurants are concerned the restaurant Casa Julio is highly recommended.

The food at one of our favorite Alicante Restaurants

Well, I guess for those of you who like typical spanish food, the Casa Julio restaurant is definitely the best place to go to. From Paella, to Arroz al Forn and Gambas, you will find it all. Here just some impressions:

Now here comes the best part for those of you who do not like traditional spanish or valencian cuisine. I have to admit, I am one of those. Living here and not loving traditional cuisine is possible – but I have to admit – often part of general discussions amongst our spanish friends.

So for those of you looking for Alicante restaurants where you can get a good steak with chips, the Casa Julio offers the best pepper steak I have eaten so far. And let me say I have come across quite a few in my life.

The perfect pepper steak at the perfect Alicante restaurant. By the way, as you see I always order an additional plate of fries (patatas fritas).

And finally for those of you who wanted to have some cake at the end, here we go.

alicante restaurant card

The best thing about one of our favorite Alicante restaurants is :

The view. Sitting right with your feed in the sand you get this perfect view of the Mediterranean sea from Benidorm and El Campello to the left to the Cabo de las Huertas to the right.

You might not find many excellent Alicante restaurants with such a beautiful view.

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