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Alicante Airport Car Hire: Where is the Nearest Gas Station?

I need to return my rental car with a full tank. Where is the nearest petrol station near Alicante Airport?

This question, in this or different wording around car rental and filling up the tank before returning the car, came up so often on our Alicante airport questions section, that I thought it’s worth showing you where you will find the best service station near Alicante airport.

Gas stations Around Alicante Airport

If you need to return your Alicante airport rental car with a full gas tank, you will need to get to one of the few gas stations near the airport. On the map below you see the location of the three best petrol stations near the airport of Alicante:

I went to all 3 of the service stations around the airport and took several pictures, just to make sure that they are really there when you come to refuel the car. ( sometimes internet map services do not show real current information – so i checked it out myself).

Petrol Stations Near Alicante Airport

Driving To Alicante Airport from the South

The best gas station if you drive to Alicante airport on the A-7 motorway from the south ( e.g. from Torrevieja, Elche or Murcia).The Tangeria Galp Gas station is located 2 km from Alicante airport. It got gas stations in both directions along the A7 autopista.


Driving To Alicante Airport from the North… or
.. The “just in front of Alicante Airport” Galp Petrol Station

Well… there is good news and bad news about this:

  • The good news is, there is a gas station just opposite of the main Airport area.
  • The bad news is, you can not get to this gas station if you come from the direction of the Alicante motorway A7.

The station is just on the opposite side of the road. At first I could not believe it, but you can not just cross the road or take a U-turn to get to it, you need to drive all the way down into the direction of Santa Pola.. do a U-turn… just to get back to Alicante airport to get to this Galp station from the right direction.


Campsa Service Station in El Altet – A good Choice

If you do drive into the direction of Santa Pola, you can just as easily go to the Campsa gas station in the nearby town of EL Altet (north).

I did drive by Alicante airport, just to see how to get back to the above mentioned Galp station. By doing so I needed to pass by the Campsa station in El Altet (north). Which leaves it up to you which of the two you want to use.

The video below explains in detail my little “gas station tour” – Enjoy!

Instruction Video: Gas Stations Near Alicante Airport

Sorry for the rather “weird” quality of the video, but I wanted to show you in real time how little of a drive it is from Alicante airport to the Galp and Campsa gas station.

I did it in about 3 minutes – and yes – I apologize for the really bad quality of the video – but I think it fulfills the purpose and helps you finding your way there.


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