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Fuel Policies of Rental Car Companies Explained

When you hire a car at Alicante airport for your holidays, you generally look at price and type of car available. One of the most overlooked points when searching for the best car hire deal is the fuel policy.

Since this topic has created several questions about “what fuel policy does xyz rental car company have and what does it really mean?” , we created the following overview on the most common gasoline fuel policies in the rental car industry.

First of all, lets understand the two major fuel policies car hire companies mostly offer:

Different Fuel Policies of Car Hire Companies

The Pick up Full – Return Empty Fuel Policy

Car Hire Companies usually state this policy in words like this:

“Your vehicle will be supplied with a full tank of fuel and must be returned empty.

No refunds will be given for unused fuel.”


To say this in plain words – you will always pay a full load of gas, regardless how much fuel is in the tank when you return it.

In practical terms, it is obviously very difficult (if not impossible) to return your rental car with a completely empty petrol tank. Additionally this fuel policy is bad for drivers who will not use the car much and not even empty the car during time of use (e.g. short term car rentals).


The Pick up Full – Return Full Fuel Policy

This fuel policy usually sounds something like this:

“Your vehicle will be supplied with a full tank of fuel and must be returned full. Missing fuel will be charged on your return.”

In simple terms, it is the best kind of fuel policy you can get. You pickup the full car and you return it full – no fuel charges and no extra cost from the car hire companies.

Should you not be able to return the car full, you will be charged for the missing. Which leaves always “room” for discussions and dispute.

So the best is to return the car filled up with gas when you return it

Finding a Gas Station Near Alicante Airport To Return Your Car Full of Gas

Next to Alicante airport are several gas stations where you can fill up your car.

We did an extensive page with map , photos and a ” wild ” video explaining in detail how to find any of those petrol stations near the airport.

>> Click here to see map, photos and video on gas stations near Alicante airport


VIDEO: How to check out the fuel policy BEFORE you book your rental car?

From the above you can see that fuel policy is very important if you choose a rental car. Make sure you check it before you hire a car at any car hire company.Several car hire search services give you a chance to check the fuel policy before you book, so you know exactly what you get before you rent.In the video we demonstrate how to use Arguscarhire rental car search and see the fuel policy before you do the booking.

>> Click here to check out Arguscarhire Car Hire Search Engine


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