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Cheap Alicante Flights

Detailed Alicante Direct Flight List


Airlines with cheap Alicante flights listed by country. Click and jump direct to find out which airlines offer direct Alicante flights to/from cities in these countries:

Great Britain IrelandGermanyAlgeriaBelgiumDenmarkFinlandFrance, Hungary, Iceland,Italy, Lithuania, NetherlandsNorwayPolandRomaniaRussiaSpain, SwedenSwitzerlandother

cheap flights to alicante spain, cheap, flights, alicanteCheap flights to Alicante Spain from/to Great Britain and Ireland:

Please consider that airlines change routes and destinations from summer to winter schedules.

So, check before with your travel agent or the web.

Cheap Alicante Flights from/to U. K. and Ireland


Belfast jet2, easyjet, flythomascook , Aer Lingus
Bristol easyjet , flythomascook , Ryanair
Blackpool jet2
Birmingham Intl Monarch , flythomascook , thomsonfly ,Ryanair
Bournemouth Ryanair
Cardiff thomsonfly , Vueling
Cork Aer Lingus
Doncaster thomsonfly,
Dublin Aer Lingus, Ryanair
Derry Ryanair
Edinburgh easyjet, Ryanair
Exeter flybe
East-Midlands jet2, thomsonfly, Ryanair , flythomascook
Glasgow easyjet, jet2 , thomsonfly, flythomascook, Ryanair
Leeds/Bradford jet2 , Ryanair , flythomascook
Liverpool easyjet , Ryanair
London Heathrow British Airways
London Stansted easyjet, Ryanair
London Gatwick easyjet, Monarch, flythomascook, thomsonfly,
London Luton easyjet, Monarch
London Southend SEN easyjet
Kerry Ryanair
Knock Ryanair
Manchester easyjet, Monarch, jet2 , flythomascook , thomsonfly
Newcastle easyjet , jet2 , flythomascook, thomsonfly
Southampton flybe
Durham Tees Valley thomsonfly

Booking Cheap Alicante Flights In Different Ways

In order to find out who offers the cheap Alicante flights, check with various internet travel agencies. Sometimes the offer cheaper flights to Alicante. Cheaper than direct booking.

cheap flights to alicante spain, cheap, flights, alicanteCheap Alicante flights from/to Germany:

Flight cancellation during off season is nothing unusual on alicante flights, the only difference is – if it happens on the 6er card program – booked me on an alternative alicante flight – even from a different carrier (at no extra charge) while Thomas Cook only offered own alicante flights at different days.. So as far as pre-flight service is concerned I prefer .

Most Airlines (direct flights only during summer schedule)

Cheap Alicante Flights from/to Germany




Maastricht (NL)- Aachen Ryanair
Bremen ARyanair
Cochstedt (Magdeburg) Ryanair
Dortmund Transavia,
Weeze (Düsseldorf) Ryanair
Frankfurt (Hahn) Ryanair
Karlsruhe-Baden Ryanair
Memmingen Ryanair
Nuremberg Ryanair



Cheap Alicante flights from/to Austria / Switzerland / Slovakia / Czech Republic:

Alicante Flights from/to Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Switzerland


Basel Mühlhausen Easyjet,
Brno (Czech Republic)  
Geneva Easyjet


cheap flights to alicante spain, cheap, flights, alicanteCheap Alicante flights from/to the Netherlands:

Alicante Flights from/to The Netherlands


Amsterdam Vueling, Transavia
Eindhoven Transavia, Ryanair
Maastricht (NL) – Aachen Ryanair
Rotterdam Transavia
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cheap flights to alicante from brusselsCheap Alicante flights from/to Belguim :

Flights to Alicante airport by jetonly , thomascook

Alicante Flights from/to Belgium


Brussels jetonly, thomascook, Brussels Airlines,
Brussels S. Charleroi Ryanair,
Liege jetonly, thomascook
Ostend Bruges jetonly, thomascook
Rijsel thomascook


cheap flights to alicante spain, cheap, flights, alicantecheap flights to alicante spain, cheap, flights, alicantecheap flights to alicante spain, cheap, flights, alicanteCheap Alicante flights from/to Norway / Sweden / Denmark / Finland:

Alicante flights by Norwegian, and other airlines

Alicante Flights from/to Skandinavia – Norway Sweden Denmark Finland


Aarhus Ryanair
Billund DK Ryanair
Bergen Norwegian
Copenhagen Norwegian
Gothenburg Ryanair
Haugesund, Norway Ryanair
Helsinki Norwegian
Malmo Ryanair
Oslo SAS, Norwegian
Oslo Torp Ryanair
Oslo Rygge Ryanair
Stavanger Norwegian
Stockholm/Arlanda Norwegian
Stockholm S. Skavsta Ryanair
Stockholm Vasteras Ryanair
Smaland Ryanair
Tampere Ryanair
Trondheim SAS, Norwegian
Vasteras Ryanair


Cheap Alicante flights from/to Iceland:

Alicante to Reykjavik flights by Iceland Express.

Alicante Flights from/to Iceland


Reykjavik Iceland Express


Alicante flights from/to Poland:

Alicante Flights from/to Poland


Krakow Ryanair
Wroclaw Ryanair


Alicante flights from/to Italy:

Alicante airport to Pisa Firenze and Milan Bergamo flights by Ryanair airlines.

Alicante Flights from/to Italy


Bologna Ryanair
Bergamo Ryanair


Alicante flights from/to France:

Alicante Flights from / to France


Paris ORY Vueling
Paris Beauvais Ryanair


Alicante flights from/to Hungary:

Alicante Flights from / to Hungary


Budapest Ryanair


Alicante flights from/to Russia:

Alicante Flights from / to Russia


Moscow Domodedovo Airport S7


Alicante flights from/to Lithuania:

Alicante Flights from / to Lithuania


Kaunas Ryanair


Alicante flights from/to Algeria:

Alicante Flights from / to Algeria


Oran Air Algerie


Alicante from/to Romania:

Alicante Flights from / to Romania


Bukares/Baneasa Wizzair
Cluy/Napoca Wizzair


Cheap Alicante flights from/to other countries

Allow a short piece of advice, especially to the many tourist coming to Alicante from outside Europe. We had an american friend coming over for a 4 weeks holiday. He managed to get a flight via Madrid using Iberia at a rather high price (Atlanta – Alicante, about $1100).

I guess using a route via London Gatwick (by a cheap US carrier) – with a final Alicante turn by Monarch or Easyjet, could be an interesting alternative for cheap Alicante flights.


cheap flights to alicante spain, cheap, flights, alicanteCheap Alicante flights from/to Spain:

Very good daily connections to Madrid (Iberia and Ryanair ) and Barcelona (Iberia ), particularly for business traveler who need to fly early in the morning it is a good choice.

Tip for Holiday Travel: Watch Air Europa and some German Airlines for excellent flights to Palma de Mallorca on ongoing flights to the U. K. or Germany.

Alicante Flights from/to Spain


Bilbao Iberia
Barcelona Iberia, Vueling, Ryanair
Madrid Iberia
Palma de Mallorca Air Europa, Vueling,
Ibiza Vueling
Leon Lagun Air
Tenerife Air Europa
Santiago de.Comp. Ryanair
Seville Iberia, Ryanair

I hope this list helps you to find the best Alicante flights.

Please Help!

If you find a new airline flying to/from Alicante or any entry on our flights list which seems incorrect, please leave a comment below, so we can update it immediately. Thanks for your help!

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