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Granada Airport

The Granada airport, 17 kilometres outside the city on the Malaga highway, serves this Andalusian area well in combination with the other airports around and with the connecting flights to Barcelona, Valencia and Madrid.

With the growing number of tourist from all over the world who are turning to Granada for their holiday stays or for buying a second home, the airport Granada Spain is being maintained very well to handle this influx of travellers. There are several restaurants or cafes, car hire, hotel reservation booths, complimentary information for the asking and transfer transportation. All these services are typical of an international airport even though Granada airport is not. It is well situated and if there were any problems to fly into the Almeria airport or the Malaga airport, this one would be a good option.

How to go about getting from the Airport to Granada

When approaching the Granada airport by air, pay special attention to all that is going to unfold before your eyes. Being as the weather is usually optimum, the vision from above of this enchanting city is breath taking. What would most stick out to the south of the city would be the beautiful mountain range of the Sierra Nevada. If it is winter time when you are travelling, then there are a lot of possibilities that this mountain range be covered with snow. Then, if the flight enters the airport from east to west and you fly over the city, the Alhambra Palace near the Darro River is a postcard photo favourite. If your flights to Granada come in from the south, right on the south side of this mountain range, Las Alpujarras region is a sight of over 60 different types of flora and you can imagine how colourful it would be in the autumn.

Putting our feet back on land, once we have landed at the Granada airport, picked up our luggage, we now shuffle the different ways to do airport transfers from Granada airport to the city centre. If you had not thought of a car hire when making your trip, there are many companies with a large fleet of all kinds of cars at incredibly low prices. If not, just step outside and queue up for a taxi or ask at the information desk for the latest details for bus service and a timetable.

It does not matter if you start in Granada and sweep to the west of the Cost del Sol or just stay in the immediate area, you will find all that you need at the Granada airport.

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