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Moraira Map

City Map of Moraira Spain

Get an overview on the city of Moraira with several maps below. Moraira located at the northern part of the Costa Blanca lies between Javea and Calpe. Together with its neighboring towns of Teulada and Benissa make the area very well known for travellers but also is home to many foreign residents living in Spain permanently.

The Moraira map provides an overview on the region and close by towns. Further below you find an interactive map of Moraira where you can zoom in and out to get a detailed view down to street level. Ideal if you are planning to spend your vacation around the area.

At the end of this article we provide a table with showing the distance from Moraira to various cities around the Costa Blanca and Spain.

Moraira Map >>

Adjustable Detailed Streetmap of Moraira >>

List of Distance from Moraira to other Cities in Spain >>

Moraira Map


Interactive Streetmap of the City of Moraira in Spain

How far is Moraira from Alicante or Other Cities Around the Costa Blanca

The following list shows you the “direct-line-distance” between Moraira and a variety of cities and places. Please be aware that all measurements given in kilometers and miles are the direct distance between the two spots. If you plan to drive by car, the “road distance” will be longer.

Destination City How far is Moraira from important cities and towns in Spain and around the Costa Blanca Further Information and Maps
Alicante Distance from Moraira to Alicante is 65 km or 40 miles see Alicante map
Alicante Airport Distance from Moraira to Alicante Airport is 75 km or 47 miles see Alicante Airport
Altea Distance from Moraira to Altea is 19 km or 12 miles see Altea map
Benidorm Distance from Moraira to Benidorm is 29 km or 18 miles see Benidorm map
Benissa Distance from Moraira to Benissa is 8 km or 5 miles  
Calpe Distance from Moraira to Calpe is 9 km or 6 miles see Calpe map
Denia Distance from Moraira to Denia is 17 km or 11 miles see Denia map
Finestrat Distance from Moraira to Finestrat is 33 km or 21 miles  
Gandia Distance from Moraira to Gandia is 42 km or 26 miles  
Javea Distance from Moraira to Javea is 11 km or 7 miles see Javea map
Oliva Distance from Moraira to Oliva is 29 km or 18 miles  
Teulada Distance from Moraira to Teulada is 5 km or 3 miles  
Villajoyosa Distance from Moraira to Villajoyosa is 38 km or 24 miles  
  How far is Moraira from important cities in Spain  
Barcelona Distance from Moraira to Barcelona is 347 km or 216 miles  
Bilbao Distance from Moraira to Bilbao is 570 km or 354 miles  
Madrid Distance from Moraira to Madrid is 381 km or 237 miles  
Malaga Distance from Moraira to Malaga is 457 km or 284 miles see Malaga map
Palma De Mallorca Distance from Moraira to Palma De Mallorca is 238 km or 148 miles  
Santander Distance from Moraira to Santander is 625 km or 388 miles  
Seville Distance from Moraira to Seville is 557 km or 346 miles  
Toledo Spain Distance from Moraira to Toledo Spain is 381 km or 237 miles  
Valencia Distance from Moraira to Valencia is 98 km or 61 miles  
Zaragozza Distance from Moraira to Zaragozza is 341 km or 212 miles  

Even more information on Moraira can be found here, where you can also watch a short video about Moraira and its surrounding areas.



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