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The city of Calpe is a near perfect combination of romantic village together with sun and beach. In between Altea to the south and Javea to the north, Calpe with its about 13 000 inhabitants is known for its rock called the penon de lfach.

This massive rock has been inspiring people from everywhere to come and enjoy the nearly perfect view around the bays and the Costa Blanca. It can be reached either by the AP-7 highway or the N-332 national road, which I would recommend using.

The national road really gives you the kind of holiday feeling as it leads you to Calpe along the coastline up from Alicante.

The Penon de lfach in Calpe Spain
The impressive Rock called the Penon de lfach, reigns over Calpe

Sightseeing in Calpe

The two churches of Calpe are certainly worth a visit. Close to each other, the Iglesia Antigua and the church Senora de las Nieves are both located in the center of Calpe.

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Built in the 15th century, the old church had been reconditioned many times over the past centuries, as the city had been attacked by pirates many times. Calpe’s archeological museum can be found just opposite at the plaza de la villa showing various findings of the 4th until the 8th century.Alongside you find ruins of the romans and the ruins of the bano de la reina, together with rests of an old tower, the torreon de la peca.

If you are further interested in local culture, you should visit the museo fester in Calle Jose Antoni which explains the local Calpe fiesta moros y cristianos and its traditions.The Calpe tourist information at the Avenida ejercitos espanoles (Tel. 965 83 69 20) can be reached passing through the streets of Calpe with its shops, restaurants, bars, Calpe real estate agencies and the various Calpe car hire companies.

Ruins of roman bath in Calpe
Tower along the beach of Calpe Costa Blanca
Lot’s of old archeological findings, buildings and towers around the city.

Sandy beaches

Calpe’s two main beaches, the cantal roig and the playa arenal are widely known for its fine sand. Together with the other two beaches, la fossa and the bay of Gasparet which also belongs to the city, Calpe offers many kilometers of excellent swimming and surfing possibilities. If you are looking for a Calpe golf club around, you can find an extensive listing of courses where you can play golf around the Costa Blanca here.

Sandy Beaches in Calpe at the Costa Blanca Spain
Picture of a map of Calpe and the Costa Blanca
View from one of the sandy beach around Calpe
Calpe, north of Benidorm, just in between Altea and Moraira


Amongst many interesting places, Calpe and its neighboring town of Teulada, invites every visitor to enjoy the fishing harbor and the yacht harbor, famous for their steady wind conditions. Calpe weather is one of the mildest around the Costa Blanca due to the close mountains which protect the village from the sometimes stronger north winds.


Especially on the outskirts of city, some nice Calpe hotels are located. Together with a nice number of Calpe apartments offered, Accommodation is not a big problem. However, visiting Calpe during summer time you should book early.

Interesting Addresses For Calpe Tourists:

Tourist Information Office Calpe

Home Plaza del Mosquit Calpe 03710 Home Phone: 965 838 532

Tourist Information Office Calpe

Home Avenida de los Ejercitos Espanoles 48-52 Calpe 03710 Home Phone: 965 836 920

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