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Oliva Spain

Travel information about the Costa Blanca/Costa del Azahar Town of Oliva

The city of Oliva Spain lies just in the north of the Costa Blanca area, well better said at the south of the Costa del Azahar. About 10 km away from Gandia, Oliva has a population of about 20 000 people.

With large orange tree plants around, Oliva becomes famous to spanish tourists in summer, as many people from Madrid have there summer houses and villas around the area.

So whilst you might be around the area of Gandia and Oliva, get to see the old downtown part of Oliva. It takes a little to cross the noise national road just cutting the entire city, but you will get a wonderful overview over the church of Sant Roc which was a former mosque.

Excellent Golf resort around Oliva

For those of you, who like to play golf, you should have a look at the Oliva nova golf course just 6km south of the city along the coast. The place with a wonderful Oliva hotel and Oliva apartments is just like a resort and one of the best places to retire, by the way. You will also find an Oliva real estate agent who might show around the nice villas and houses up for sale around this area.

Considering that Oliva is not that well known amongst many international tourist it is not so crowded during summer as other cities around the Costa Blanca. With the warm Oliva weather the area is perfect for a summer holiday in Spain. The beach of Oliva is sandy and very wide, and one of the view around the area, which do not have any promenade to walk on, as Oliva locals have built there houses straight on the sand.

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