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Frequently Asked Questions


When we started putting videos on, we tested various ways and formats for display. In an ideal world we would have one format and everybody could watch it. Unfortunately the web does not work like this.

With various different web-browsers from Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Mozilla, Netscape, Opera as well as different operating systems like Windows, Linux and Macintosh.

And now with new media’s hardware coming in like mobile phones with displays, PDA’s and IPods the thing gets even more complicated.

So we tested various video formats, and finally decided to display each video in flash format.

The Main Video Format on this Website is:


It offers the best quality and loads 50% faster than the other formats we checked. The easiest way for you if you want to watch our videos is to install the Flash Player (Version 9 or higher) on your browser. The Flash Player is free and can be downloaded directly from Adobe’s Website here.

Frequently Asked Questions

I can not see the video, but I can hear some Audio?

You might have an older version of Flash Player installed. Please update your Flash Player to Version 9 or above. The latest Flash Player is free and available directly from this site.

I can see the Video Web page, but nothing happens?

First make sure that you have at least Flash Player 10 or above installed. In addition, please be aware that it can take up to 10 seconds until the video starts. In some cases – with very slow internet connection – it may take up to a  minute. To enjoy videos on the Internet we recommend at least High Speed DSL access.

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