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Finding Costa Blanca Holiday Villas To Rent

Summary: To find the right villa to rent at the Costa Blanca is key for your next holiday. Looking for cheap holiday homes or a house from a private owner in Benidorm, Alicante, Torrevieja, Denia, Calpe or anywhere around the Costa Blanca can be challenging. Here is where you find the best Costa Blanca villa for your next stay and what you have to look for before you rent.

Question: We are planning our next holiday in Benidorm or Calpe with our family. Since we are a family of six, we would like to find a nice holiday home or villa at the northern Costa Blanca. On our last stay we stayed at a hotel in Denia, but we are looking for something a bit cheaper. Can you recommend any Costa Blanca villa to rent? ( Julie T., Bedworks Warwickshire UK)

Dear Julie: Let me first say that I am grateful for your Costa Blanca villa question, since we get it a lot and it gives me an opportunity to answer the request for villas to rent or how to best rent a holiday home around the Costa Blanca.

Before you start thinking about renting any villa for your holiday, you want to make sure you think about your specific needs. In case you have already been on holiday here, you should have a good idea where to go. If not, the Costa Blanca is basically divided into 3 areas. Southern Costa Blanca (from La Manga del Mar Menor/Costa Calida to Torrevieja and Santa Pola), the Central Costa Blanca area (basically Alicante and some suburbs) and the northern Costa Blanca starting from Villajoyosa, Benidorm, Altea, Calpe up to the very north of Denia).

Do Not Select Your Villa By a Certain City

When you think where you could rent a villa, its best not to go for a specific city or town, but for an area. Most rental villas are located either on the outskirts of a town or in separated areas ( so called Urbanization ). When you think about a holiday home “in” Benidorm, you better look for a house “around” Benidorm. This “around” can sometimes mean several miles (or kilometers).

Where To Find A Cheap Villa To Rent For Your Holiday?

Since we have been living here for many years now, I know several nice Costa Blanca villas for rent around Alicante. However, to recommend any specific kind of all inclusive holiday villas to rent
here would not be enough to fulfill all the questions we get. ( And so many readers of our newsletter ask about villas in many different places around the Costa Blanca, that we simply can not answer all of those requests individually.). What I recommend doing is searching for the right holiday home on sites like villarenters, and holiday-rentals . Both provide an extensive listing of lots of villas to rent for all different areas around the Costa Blanca. We had friends booking a villa around Denia through villarenters and they found a cheap and clean holiday home from a private owner very quickly.

What To Look For BEFORE You Rent A Holiday Home?

Several things you should look BEFORE you commit to any Costa Blanca villa rentals. Please look through the following listings carefully and crosscheck several properties, as daily life and habits might be a bit different than in your country ūüôā


Before you book anything do not just go for the cheapest villa, check out the exact location of the house on a map.
What is the exact ..

  • distance to the beach, we are talking WALKING-Distance here first. It would be great if the villa is located near the beach within a couple of minutes by foot. If not, can you use a bus or any public transport?
  • distance to downtown/city center, supermarket and shops. Important, because I know that most tourists love this, is the question for the local market or local farmers market. If the town has one, its a great place to go a feel the REAL Spanish way of life. Check out if you can get to one within walking distance – you will sure love it.
  • distance to public transport – is there a bus stop next to the villa? or any other form of public transport nearby? A taxi stop or sometimes the local train station can be important just to get around quickly. This is a very important point you should check out before your final decision on renting villas in Costa Blanca.
  • distance to local bars and restaurants – most villas are located outside of towns or cities, but still have a “bar next door” or the “local restaurant around the corner” right there. If so, how far is you holiday home away from those “insider places”.
  • distance to golf course – with so many of you coming to the Costa Blanca for a great golf holiday, the distance to the next golf course might be very important when deciding where to rent a villa at the Costa Blanca. Check out our list of golf courses around the Costa Blanca here and look how far any potential home is away from it.
  • distance to theme parks – For families traveling to the Benidorm area, the distance to theme and amusement parks might be also worth looking at. With several different parks from terra mitica, terra natura, mundomar, aqualandia and others around, its at least worth looking at how far away the house is located to these great parks, before you rent anything.

Transportation – Are You Going To Hire A Car?

Most Costa Blanca villas to rent are located on the outskirts of a town or city. Transportation is crucial. I would definitely recommend having your own car while you are around here on holiday. Hire a car at the airport and you should not only overcome all the local transportation difficulties, but it also give you a chance to explore all the beautiful places around. ( and there are lots of them!).
So, if you can afford it, have a car available to you.
If not, generally speaking I would rate public transport in Spain as good to very good. This depends largely where you plan on staying. Larger cities like Benidorm, Torrevieja, Denia or Calpe have very good bus lines running into the suburbs. I would contact the Costa Blanca holiday rentals owner in advance and ask him how far away the next bus station is located from the house and how often does the bus service run (especially at night). Some holiday homes listings on holiday-rentals are providing this important information on the villas details page.

Villas At The Costa Blanca – Room Size and Bed Sizes

If you are traveling as a family or just a group of friends, make sure the house can accommodate all of you well. Some spanish villas to rent in Costa Blanca¬†are built with several different separate apartments inside. Do not just simply by counting how many beds does the villa have, but look at how many different bedrooms are offered. The number of bedrooms as well the bed sizes are important, to avoid any “collisions” before your holidays.
One word on bed sizes, if I may. In Spain the average “standard” bed lengths is still 1.90 meter only. While we have been seeing some changes over the past years, it still remains the favourable size. If you are tall, like me I am 1.86 and would not even consider myself “tall”, this can be an issue. You might want to clarify the real bed-size with the owner in advance, just to avoid any surprises.
On the other hand a large portion of cheap holiday villas for hire in the Costa Blanca is rented out by foreign owners who usually take provision and have enough foresight for the needs of tall northern European tourists.

Further more it is very important to look at …

>> Read on – click here for Part 2 of this article on how to find cheap villa rentals at the Costa Blanca.

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