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Chocolate for Chocoholics

Hubert, what is typical about Spain ? or What would you advise us to see when we are at the Costa Blanca ? – This in one way or another, is one of the most common questions we get. Depending on where exactly are you planning your stay at the Costa Blanca, the answer is always different.

However, if there is one thing that you can ALWAYS enjoy around Spain and especially around the Costa Blanca, than it is CHOCOLATE ! Yes, okay you can (nearly) always enjoy the sun here, but one real fantastic thing not so many foreigners are aware of is chocolate.

In Spain, THE leading brand for chocolate and pralines is VALOR. The name Valor stands for over 125 years of chocolate culture in Spain. … and the best of it, its based in La Villajoyosa a bit north of Alicante at the Costa Blanca.
For sure you can go there and visit the wonderful chocolate museum (I think I already told you some time ago), but you don’t need to go to “La Villa” to enjoy chocolate and churros. (Churros are my personal favorite bakery for chocolate).

valor in La Villajoyosa

So, yesterday when we went to Villajoyosa’s Valor chocolate “restaurant”, I took some mouthwatering pictures for you. Also have a look at the backside of leaflet i picked up, which lists all Valor outlets in Spain. You literally find them all over Spain.

Mark “visiting chocolates valor and eating churros” on your next Costa Blanca holiday calendar. And… one side note for those diet geeks amongst you, I took a sugar free hot chocolate (at least it lets you feel good 🙂  ).

chocolate with churros 2 

Hot Chocolate with Churros, oh yesss I love it!
chocolate with churros

List of Valor outlets. You find them all over Spain.
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