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Alicante Airport To Teulada, Benissa and Moraira

Getting From Alicante Airport To Teulada, Benissa or Moraira

The cities of Teulada, Benissa and Moraira at the northern Costa Blanca are top tourist attractions every year. Additionally they are home to thousands of foreign residents in Spain. Situated north of Calpe, Teulada and Benissa are reasonably well connected by motorway and the tram train line, which makes public transport at least to Teulada and Benissa relatively good.

Moraira is rather badly connected by public transport, since it does not have its own Tram train stop. The listing below shows a variety of transfer options for you to get from Alicante airport to Teulada, Benissa or Moraira. Where possible I added a side-note on Alicante airport to Moraira transfers, as travel options are slightly different compared to going to Teulada or Benissa.

How To Get To Teulada, Benissa or Moraira from Alicante Airport?


  Duration (approx. incl.waiting time) Cost (approx.) See More Details
Bus 3-4 hours 12 EUR Bus from Alicante airport to Teulada, Benissa and Moraira
Taxi 1 hour 110 EUR Taxi from Alicante airport to Teulada, Benissa and Moraira
Train No Train station at Alicante airport
Bus Train Taxi Bus/Train 


4-5+ hours 20 EUR (Benissa/Teulada) 

40 EUR ( to Moraira)

Bus – Train – Taxi from Alicante airport to Benissa, Moraira and Teulada
Private Shuttle Service Companies Private Shuttle Services 1 hour 110 EUR Private Transfer from Alicante to Moraira, Teulada or Benissa
Car Hire 1 hour Depends on rental time and car Car Hire at Alicante airport

Bus from Alicante Airport to Teulada, Benissa or Moraira

Up to now there is no direct bus line from Alicante airport to Teulada, Benisa or Moraira. You have several options of bus to bus transfer:

1) At Alicante airport take the Bus Alicante airport to downtown Alicante ( by subus bus-company)

2. Change to Bus from Downtown Alicante To Teulada and Benissa (run by the Alsa bus company). The bus gets you to Teulada. On its way its stopping in Benissa too.

3. If you need to go to Moraira, you take the local bus from Teulada to Moraira ( run by the Autobuses Ifach bus company )
This bus to bus transfer option, is certainly a cheap way to get from the airport to Teulada or Benissa. However when travelling in the hot summer months, the waiting hour(s) for the next bus and the overall travel time might be tough, espcially if you travel with children. If you need to go to Moraira, this is even more true, as you would need to do an additional bus stopover for the local bus from Teulada to Moraira.

Taxi from Alicante Airport to Moraira, Teulada or Benissa

Taxi rates from Alicante airport to Benissa, Teulada or Moraira are around 120 EUR. You should ask the taxi driver before you board the taxi, so he will give you a fix price for the trip. No advanced booking is needed, you can pick one of the hundreds of taxis available at the airport.

Depending on the traffic you should be within 60 minutes at your destination in the Teulada – Moraira area.

>> Find details about where to pick up a taxi at Alicante airport here

Bus – Train – Taxi from Alicante Airport to Teulada, Benissa and Moraira

Bus Train Taxi

Since Alicante airport does not have any train or streetcar station, you will need to catch a bus to downtown Alicante first to get on with the Alicante Streetcar ( called TRAM) to the north. Note: The Tram is NOT the ordinary spanish railroad line, since this would not get you to Teulada or Benissa.

The only “train” line going directly there is the Alicante Streetcar train.

Your transfer from Alicante airport to Teulada and Benissa would look as follows:

1) Take the c-6 subus Bus from Alicante airport to Alicante – exit the bus at stop “Puerta del Mar” in the harbor area of Alicante.

2) Take the TRAM streetcar at station “Puerta del Mar” heading to Teulada. You will need to switch to the L-1 line to get to your first Tram stop to Benidorm. In Benidorm you change for the L9 train line. This will get you directly to Teulada and Benissa. There are separate stops for each town. (Rail map and timetable info over at our train to northern Costa Blanca page here ).

3) If you need to go to Moraira, you can exit the Tram in Teulada and get a taxi or bus to Moraira ( run by the Autobuses Ifach bus company ) .

As you can see, this is a much longer journey than the former options, mostly because the streetcar train stops at many different villages and towns along the trip. The Tram train passage alone will take about 3 hours, which leads to a total travel time of around 4+ hours if you plan on getting from Alicante airport to Teulada or Benissa. If you go further on to Moraira it will take at least 30 – 60 minutes more.

Considering the cheap bus fare to Alicante and the rather inexpensive Tram ticket, this travel option is for sure really cheap, but also very time consuming. I would consider using the Tram train if you plan your airport to hotel transfer as a sightseeing journey by itself. The way the Tram train will give you lots of spots to see along the Costa Blanca coast line.

Private Transfer from Alicante to Moraira, Teulada or Benissa

Private Shuttle Service Companies

A variety of companies offer shuttle services to Teulada and Moraira from Alicante airport. You can check out shuttledirect and Resorthoppa to get a feel on prices. Sometimes such private shuttle services can be cheaper than taxis, if you travel in groups. Overall rates are most of time the same as for ordinary taxi services at Alicante airport.


Car Hire at Alicante Airport For Your Moraira, Teulada and Benissa Holiday

Transfer from Alicante airport to Teulada and Benissa is relatively easy and inexpensive ( by bus ). This can definitely not be said for transfers from the airport to Moraira. The city is just not well connected to public transport from Alicante.

Overall and this is an advice I would like to give most Costa Blanca tourists; make sure you consider a rental car during your holidays around here. Its not only very nice to get quickly and direct from the airport to your hotel and back, it is also very convenient to have a car at your disposal while you are around.

Check out prices for car hire at Alicante airport and perhaps you might worth spending the little extra for improved mobility.

>> More information on our car hire Alicante airport page.

As always if you came across any alternative, cheaper or faster way to get from Alicante airport to Moraira, Benissa or Teulada, just leave a note in the related comments section below, so we can add it to this page.

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