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Alicante Airport To Javea

How To Get From Alicante Airport To Javea?

Javea, beautiful coastal city at the northern Costa Blanca, attracts thousands of visitors every year. Most Javea tourists arrive at Alicante airport and are looking for quick and cheap airport transfers. Since Alicante is the nearest airport to Javea, we analyze different shuttle options from bus, car, taxi and train by travel time and cost.

As we get the question how do I go from Javea to Alicante airport quite a lot, here are your options on airport transfers to Javea:


How To Get To Javea from Alicante Airport?


(approx. incl
waiting time)
Cost (approx.) See More Details
Bus 3 – 4 hours 13 EUR Bus from Alicante airport to Javea
Taxi 1 hour 15 min 120 EUR Taxi from Alicante airport to Javea
Train No Train station at Alicante airport
Bus Train Taxi Bus/Train 


5+ hours 70 EUR Bus – Train – Taxi from Alicante airport to Javea
Private Shuttle Service Companies Private 



1 hour 15 min 120 EUR Private Transfer from Alicante to Javea
Car Hire 1 hour 15 min Depends on rental time and car Car Hire at Alicante airport

Bus from Alicante Airport to Javea

There is no direct bus from Alicante airport to Javea. You have several options of bus to bus transfer:

a) Bus Alicante airport to downtown Alicante ( by subus bus-company) – Change to Bus from Downtown Alicante To Javea (both by the Alsa bus company)

b) Bus Alicante airport to Benidorm – on arrival in Benidorm, switch to Bus from Benidorm to Javea (both by the Alsa bus company)

I would recommend option B and go via Benidorm. This will have you get tickets only from one single bus company which lets you plan your journey more easily.


Total travel time of your “journey” will be around 3 – 4 hours, as you have to take into account waiting times for the bus at Alicante airport and in Benidorm.

Taking the bus from Alicante airport to Javea is certainly the cheapest option, but considering the length of several hours, I would not choose the bus when travelling with children.

Also check out the timetable for the Alicante airport to Benidorm bus especially if you are flying into the airport late – you might not get any connecting bus to Javea at late times of the day.

Taxi from Alicante Airport to Javea

Certainly not the cheapest way to get to Javea from the airport in Alicante, but for sure the fastest and most likely a very comfortable one. Taxi fare will be around 120 Eur. Talk to the taxi driver BEFORE catch the cab, he can give you a fixed price. Most taxi drivers will do.

>> Find details about where to pick up a taxi at Alicante airport here

Bus – Train – Taxi from Alicante airport to Javea

Bus Train Taxi

Okay, this is admittedly the kind of airport to Javea trip which falls into the category “only for the hardcore tourists”. But since some readers have asked “can i go by train from Alicante airport to Javea”, here is what such a trip would look like.

Alicante airport does not have any train station, nor is it connected to any train line.

The only way to get in direction of Javea would be via Alicante downtown. In Alicante you find two independent railway systems. One the large official trains – run by Renfe ( spanish train company ) and the rather new streetcar system called TRAM run by fgvalicante.

On the other side, there is no train station in Javea, so the closest train station is in Gata de Gorgos. Only the TRAM streetcar train stops there. All in all, such a trip from Alicante airport to Javea would look like this:

a) Take Bus from Alicante airport to downtown Alicante – exit at last stop “Puerta del Mar”

b) Board TRAM streetcar at station “Puerta del Mar” heading to Gata de Gorgos. On your way to Gata you will need to switch streetcars in Benidorm. (Find timetable and rail map here at our train to Benidorm, Denia and northern Costa Blanca page).

c) Arriving at Gata de Gorgos, you catch a taxi which gets you to Javea.

Cost of bus, train and taxi fare can easily add up to more than 70 EUR, while spending several hours on the road, rail or waiting.

In a nutshell; this is just an endless odyssey of trying to get to Javea by train.


Private Transfer from Alicante to Javea

Private Shuttle Service Companies

Several private companies offer transportation services from the airport in Alicante to Javea and many other cities around the Costa Blanca. To my knowledge, most use taxi-like services to serve smaller destinations. You should check out shuttledirect and Resorthoppa and compare quotes for the Javea to Alicante trip.

Generally speaking, pricing and transportation time are very similar to regular taxi fares.

Car Hire at Alicante Airport For your Entire Javea Holidays

Finally renting a car is always a final option. Considering the location of Javea, a bit off larger cities like Calpe, Benidorm and Alicante, and its rather bad transportation system (no direct TRAM train station), hiring a car at Alicante airport might be a good idea.

Especially if you travelling as a family or group, cost for simple airport to hotel transport might already cover a large part of the cost of any rental car.

>> Details on where and how to rent a car at Alicante airport here.

If you have discovered an alternative , cheaper or faster way to get from Javea to Alicante airport, please leave us a note in the comments below.

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