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Alicante Airport Shopping

The terminal building of Alicante airport hosts a very large area of shops, restaurants and bars for your needs.

Separated into the public area and the departure area (after having past security control) you will find an enormous amount of shops and boutiques.

Especially when you need to “kill some time” waiting for your flight to depart you will find the more than 50 shops, bars and restaurants ideal.

Alicante Airport Shopping

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Tapasbar in Departure Area of Alicante Airport

Eating just before you pass security check

In the public zone of the departure area, at the very end of the terminal building, you find a newsstand and a restaurant and tapas bar.

Burger King in Departure Area of Alicante Airport Next to the tapasbar restaurant a Burger King restaurant is located. For those of you who look for some variety from spanish food 🙂 
Passing Security Check – Inside the Departure Zone
Duty Free Shop at Alicante Airport 

Duty Free Shop

Passing security check, a large duty free shop is to your right. You cant miss it.

Swarovski Shop at Alicante airport

Swarovski Shop

Right on your way to your departure gate, you will be guided by countless shops, bars and restaurants.


Chocolate Valor Chocolate Valor
For those of you who spend all their holidays around the Costa Blanca and have never been to one of the most typical things around the Costa Blanca, now is your last chance.Get a hot or cold cup of chocolate with churros from Valor chocolates. In case you don’t know what makes Valor so famous and “what on earth are churros” – well here our Chocolate for chocoholicsarticle explaining what Valor is all about.

And don’t forget to buy some chocolate bars for the loved ones at home (even if you later decide to eat it yourself).


Farggi Ice Cream Ice Cream from Farggi – My personal favourite Okay, I have to admit it, this is my favourite of all stores, bars and restaurants at Alicante airport… and yes, I love Italian ice-cream!
Carling Pub at Alicante airport Carling PubTo the very end of the long departure area, just after passing by all those lovely shops, you will find a Carling pub.
La pausa grill and cafeteria at the airport of Alicante La Pausa Cafeteria and GrillAnd there is more and more food. I would guess over 15 different bars, cafeterias, cafes or restaurants all right next while you are waiting for your flight to depart.



Shops, Bars and Restaurants at the Airport of Alicante

Fashion & Accesories

  • Cottet (Fashion glasses)
  • Desigual (Fashion & Accesories)
  • Las Lilas (Woman accesories)
  • Swarovski (Swarovski Crystal & jewelry)
  • Travel Mate (Travel items)
  • Tuc Tuc (Kids fashion)
  • Your Fashion Store (Fashion & Accesories)
  • Zapatos y accesorios El Corte InglĂ©s (Shoes & Accesories)


  • Sibarium (Delicacies)
  • Sweet Aldeasa (Candies and Delicacies)

Convenience Stores

  • The Shop (Duty Free /Convenience store)
  • The Express Shop (Duty Free /Convenience store)
  • Arrival Shop (Duty Free /Convenience store)

Press & Books Shop

  • LibrerĂ­a Luces (News, Books & Magazines)
  • News & Books (LNews, Books & Magazines)
  • Relay (News, Books & Magazines)

Gifts and Homeware

  • Story Store (Regalos / Gifts)
  • Superskunk (Gifts & Accessories)
  • Crystal Media Shop (Multimedia)

Drug Store

  • Parafarmacia El Corte InglĂ©s (Drug Store)

Bars and Cafes / Ice Cream

  • Caffriccio (CafĂ©)
  • Cañas y Tapas (Tapas Bar)
  • Carling Pub (English pub)
  • ChocolaterĂ­a Valor (Chocolate)
  • Il Caffè di Roma (CafĂ©)
  • Starbucks (Coffee House)
  • Helados Farggi (Ice cream)

Restaurants and Fast food

  • Aire Tapas Bar (Tapas Bar)
  • La Pausa (Traditional Cuisine)
  • ARS (Fast food restaurant)
  • Burger King (Fast food)
  • Rodilla (CafĂ© & sandwiches)
  • Subway (Sandwiches & salads)
  • The Air Food Court (International restaurant)

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