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Parking At Alicante Airport

Where To Find Short Term And Long Term Alicante Airport Parking ?

Finding the right parking at Alicante airport itself is relatively easy. There is one parking building right in front of the terminal building.

Below a step-by-step guide on where to park for drop-off, short term pick-up as well as short-term and long-term parking.

Parking At Alicante Airport – A Step by Step Guide
Looking a bit like a futuristic cube: the parking building at Alicante airport.

To the left the to lanes entering the area. To the right the main parking entrance and one of the two walking tunnels to the terminal building, which is located to the right.

(click on the image to enlarge view.)

Way To Parking Building

Click here for our section on driving around Alicante Airport and see which lane to take when you drive to the parking area. It is confusing, but we help you here on how to do it 🙂

>> Click here for driving directions at Alicante airport.


Parking at Alicante Airport Map

Entry to parking area, car hire drop-off and walking tunnels at Alicante airport

Car Park Entrance

The parking building or should we call it parking garage, is located opposite of the main terminal building.It got only one main entrance to the PARKING area (marked 1 in the parking map left).


Car Hire Return Entrance

Further down, at the end of the parking building is a second entrance to drop your rented car at the car hire return or drop-off area. (marked 2 in the map left).


Please Note: Major car hire companies all operate in the Car Hire Return area (marked 2 in map left). Smaller, local car hire companies, sometimes operated from the regular Parking area (level4), in which case you would use the regular Car Parking Entrance (marked 1 in map left) to return your car. Check your rental car confirmation for exact details on where to return your car.


Maximum Height of Cars Parking at Alicante Airports parking building

Maximum Car Height Parking Building

The maximum height for vehicle to park at the Alicante airport parking building is 2.10 meter ( 210 cm ). In case your car, van or camper exceeds this height you need to park at the former “open air” car park, opposite of the old terminal buildings.

Advise the parking staff that you are leaving the parking building with a motorbike

Motorcycle Parking

There is no special designated area for bikes or motorcycles to park. You should park using one of the normal parking lots inside the parking building.

One official at the parking building told me that parking on normal car slots is fine. There is only one important thing you need to keep in mind is when you try to exit the parking building. Before you exit, stop by the parking cashier at parking level 4 and tell them that you are about to leave with your motorcycle. They reason being, is that the cameras at the automatic exit gates of the parking building might not be able to read your bikes license plate, so might not be able to pass the exit gates. Tell them the personel in advance, so they will manually open the gates for you.

Keep this in mind and you will not have any problems exiting the Alicante airport parking building with your bike.

Walking tunnel from parking building to terminal building at Alicante airport

Walking Tunnel

The parking building itself is connect by two short walking tunnels (walkways) leading from Level 4 of the parking building right into the Alicante airport terminal building at terminal level 1.

Parking levels at the parking building at Alicante airport
Level0 to Level 5 of the Parking Building

Which Level To Park at The Parking Building

The parking garage building has a total of 5 different levels. Level 0 being the ground level, up to level 5 which is the roof of the building.

Since the walking tunnels to the terminal building are located in Level4 of the parking building, I would advise to park your car at level 4. This way you just walk a couple of steps and you are right inside the terminal building.

(Probably I should not have mentioned this here, as from now on, when I drive to the airport I might not be able to get a parking space at level4 anymore.)

Main Levels at Alicante Airports Terminal Building
Level -2 to Level 2 of the Main Terminal Building at Alicante Airport

Connecting the Parking Building to the Terminal Building

To the left, ( you can click on the image to enlarge view), you see the main floors of the TERMINAL building at the airport. The walk way from the parking building leads you to Level 1 of the main Alicante airport terminal building.

From there you can either go (by lift and one floor up to the departure area or one floor down to the arrivals area of Alicante airport.


Parking rates at alicante airport February 2012

Parking Rates At Alicante Airport

Do you have your calculator with you? 😀 – Well I guess you might need one if you look at this rate card (image directly taken on a ticket machine on February 2012).

Well, so lets do the maths:

  • Parking from minute 0 to minute 30 is 0.030167 EUR per minute.
  • Maximum daily until 4 days is 18,30 EUR per day.
  • Maximum daily starting Day5 is 14,65 EUR per day.

I understand that you need to come up with detailed pricing, but please give me a break, why don’t you just simplify:

parking 30 minutes is 0.90 EUR

parking 1 hour is 1,80 EUR

and if you stay a bit longer its going to be a bit more expensive :-).

Long term parking sign at Alicante airport

Long Term Parking

The above are only short term rates, even as you can stay a couple of days.

There is a plan doing some real long-term parking, but according to the airport information desk it will be running “in a few months“.

So don’t be confused if you see some signs “long term parking” inside the airport building … at the moment (April 2011) its not yet running.


Company Telephone
Alicante Airport long term parking S.L 965 68 03 12
ALC-Valet Parking 965 113 446
Roberto Torrellano (Ptda. Bacarot) 609 614 297
Claus Parking 965 68 09 41
Ecoparking Alicante 965 68 30 03
Global Cars 966 49 03 56
Lucadi 965 68 75 10
Parking “Oskars” 965 68 52 00
Royal Parking 965 68 33 60
New Parking “El Altet” 965 97 02 97
Aupa parking 965 68 77 16
Umbrellaparking 627 60 88 58
Lowcostparking 966 44 28 83

External Long Term Parking Outside Alicante Airport

In case you live around here most of the time and would like to leave your car for a longer period of time at the airport, I can recommend the long term parking providers.

Most of them are located around the airport area. Pricing is lower compared to the airport and they sometimes offer extra service (shuttle to airport etc.).

Parking for Handicapped at Alicante Airport

Parking For People With Disabilities

Please click here for details on parking bays for handicapped and people with disabilities.

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