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Alicante Airport Check-In And Departure Tips

Tips For Departing From The Airport in Alicante

If you are departing from Alicante airport, allow me to give you some tips to help you to find your way around.

The terminal building, especially the departure level, at the airport, is relatively large, but with the help of a couple of images and the map below, your departure will be very easy going.

Lets look in a step-by-step way to make boarding your flight from Alicante airport a pleasant and easy experience.

Alicante Airport Departure Area

(click on the images below for an enlarged view)

Driving To To The Departure Area At Alicante Airport

You can drive directly to the departure area or leave your car at the airport parking.

Drop zone outside Alicante airport departure level >> Click here for detailed Driving Directions including which Lane to take for the Departure area.>> Click here for Tips on Parking at Alicante airport.
Parking prohibited at Departures Area Alicante Airport

Drop Zone In Front of The Terminal Building

Alicante airport got a very large drop-zone just outside the departure area of the terminal building. If someone drives you to the airport, you do not need to buy a parking ticket.

There is a large “drop” zone right at the entrance of the terminal building for Alicante airport departures. But watch out – you should really leave your car only 5 minutes otherwise.. well I have paid twice so far.

Help Point for Handicapped or People With Disabilities at Alicante Airport

Assistance Help Point Outside the Departure Area For People with Disabilities

In case you need assistance, you can call for help (wheelchair etc.) at a help point located right outside the terminal building entrance.

>> Click here for an exact location map of all help points For People With Disabilities .

Alicante Airport Departure Area Map

Alicante Airport Departure Area Map

The map to the left (click on the image to enlarge the view), shows the location of the most important installations at the terminal building.

I drew the map in a very simplified way, to give you hopefully a good overview on where to find what at Alicante airport.

Comment added for those of you who need to “Check-in” dog or dogs, you will hand them over at the “Check-In Large Baggage” counter ( Marked with No.2 in on our map). ( click on image left to enlarge view).

Alicante Airport Terminal Building Departure Area

Impressive Terminal Building

Alicante airports terminal building is a wonderful modern light-flooded building. Really impressive to say the least.The departure area is large, but relatively easy to get around.Lets get into step-by-step way of where to go if you departing.

Monitors Displaying Check In Desk Numbers for Each Airline At Alicante Airport

Find The Check-In Counter

First you should find the check-in counter of the airline you are flying with. Alicante airport currently got various check-in counters (numbered from 1 up to 140 !), for every airline leaving Alicante.

The counters are located in the main hall way (number 1 on the above departure map).To find out which counter your airline operating from, check one of the large screens right when you enter the departure area.


Check In Desk Ibera at Alicante airport

Check-In At Your Airlines Check In Desk

According to the check-in desk number for your flight, you find your airline’s check-in desk very easily.I will not publish any fixed list of airline check-in desk numbers here, since those might change over time and the monitors in the departure area provide you with the best information.

After you checked in your normal luggage, you airline might send you to check-in extra bulky luggage at the large-baggage drop-off counter. See the check-in counters for large baggage (marked no.2 on the map) at the end of the departure area.

Tapasbar in Departure Area of Alicante Airport

Shops and Restaurants in the Public Section of the Departure Area

Before you head into the inner departure area, passing security check, you might want to take a quick coffee or a bite to eat. Right outside the security check area, you will find a Tapasbar and a Fast food restaurant located.Perhaps a good idea to take “the last coffee” with the one who brought you to the airport.

Security Check Area at Alicante Airport

Security Check – Entry to Boarding Gates Area

As marked by the No.4 on our Alicante airport departure area map, you will find the security check area. Only allowed to proceed with a boarding pass you walk through to the area where the boarding gates are located.

Shops and Restaurants inside the security zone - departure area Alicante airport

Shopping While Waiting For Your Flight

Walking through to the boarding gates you are going to pass lots of shops, bars and restaurants. In fact it looks a bit like walking through a small shopping mall at first.My favourite place, if you want to get something typically spanish, is the shop of Chocolate Valor. Being a chocoholic myself it is definitely my number one shop to “visit”.

>> Click here for an detailed overview on shops, bars and restaurants at Alicante airport

Monitors at the inner departure area of Alicante airport showing the boarding gates number of each flight

Look up Your Boarding Gate

Inside the secure departure area, you find once again monitors displaying flights data. These monitors now also display up to the minute information about the boarding gate your flight is leaving from.

>> Click here to go back to our main Alicante airport information page.

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