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Alicante Airport Car Rental

Tips on How to Hire a Car at Alicante Airport

To hire a car at Alicante airport is really easy. All major rental car companies are located in the arrival area of the terminal building.

The following map and photos give you a hands-on guide on where to go if you need to get a car at the airport or where to pick it up your booked vehicle around the large airport area.

Car Hire At Alicante Airport
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Car Rental At Alicante Airport Arrival Area

Map of Rental Car Related Facilities At Alicante Airport

Our little ” rent a car Alicante airport map” to the left, marks all key points when you hire a car at the airport. We hope it will make it a breeze to find your way around the relevant areas and get you started into a nice holiday at the Costa Blanca.

You can click on each photo to get a larger more detailed view.

Direction To Rental Car Companies At Alicante Airport Car Hire Area

Pick-up your Rental Car At Arrival

Arriving at Alicante airport just walk 20 meters from the security zone exit door to the right. Right in the hallway of the arrival area you will find counters of most car hire companies.

Rental Car Companies At Alicante Airport

Rental Desks Of All Major Car Hire Companies In Alicante Airport Arrival Area

All major rental car companies have their booth there (Auriga Crown Car Hire, Avis, Centauro, Europcar, Goldcar, Hertz (Advantage Rent a Car), National Atesa, Record Rent A Car, Sixt, Solmar Rent-A-Car).

If your rental car companies is not around there follow the instructions on your car hire confirmations. ( some smaller companies e.g. Dickmann have “mobile office vans” located at the parking area) .

Stairs to Car Hire and Parking Building at Alicante Airport

Get To Your Car

Picking up your car keys at the rentals desk of your car hire company, you will need to walk to the large parking garage located opposite to the terminal building.

You can either take the lift or stairs one level up and use the walking tunnel over to the parking building;


You go down two levels and walk over to the parking building on the “bus level” street.

Alicante Airport walking tunnels to car hire parking

Walk over To The Car Hire Area In The Parking Building

As you can see from the image left, you can either walk over to the parking building using the upper walking tunnels or across the street at the lower “bus level”.

Walking Tunnel (5) takes you to the regular car park area in the parking building, while walking tunnel (6) takes you to the car hire area of the parking building.

Rental Car Drop Off locations at Alicante Airport

Drop-Off Area – For All Major Car Rental Companies

The Entrance to the Rental Car parking is located at the very end of the parking building. All major car hire companies have their rental cars parked here.

Smaller companies might still be located at the old car park (walking through the parking building) or at the 4th floor of the regular parking area ( in which case you would need to take the first regular parking entrance to the Parking building No.1) . Your car hire company in the airport building will tell you the exact location where you find your rental car.

Car Hire Companies Avis Hertz Sixt Goldcar Centauro Record National Auriga Solmar Locations

Where To Return or Pick-up Your Rental Car In The Parking Building

From the sign at the car hire parking entrance, here is where you find your car in the parking building:

Level 0: Goldcar, Solmar Rent-A-Car

Level 1: Avis , Hertz,

Level 2: Auriga Crown Car Hire , Record Rent A Car , National Atesa

Level 3: Europcar , Sixt , Centauro


Rental Car Return

Every holiday or business trip ends one day and you might find yourself returning your rental car to Alicante airport. Here some step-by-step instructions.

Returning Your Rental Car At Alicante Airport

Gas Stations Around Alicante Airport

If you rent a car make sure you check on the fuel policy of the rental car company. In case you need to return your hired car fully refueled, you can get to any of the three gas stations nearby Alicante airport.

Our article on local petrol stations near Alicante airport article explains in detail where to find these service stations and gives you detailed driving directions (including a short video).

>> Click here to find gas stations near Alicante airport for your rental car

Driving Directions To Car Hire Return Area at Alicante Airport

Driving to the Airport

Most larger car hire companies will want you to return the car to the car-hire parking area inside the parking building.

Driving to Alicante airport and finding the right lane to the parking building is a bit tricky, so we explain which road to best take here:

>> Click here for detailed driving directions to Alicante airport.

Building for Parking and Car Rent Returns at the airport of Alicante

Drive To the Very End of the Parking Building

Your way leads you exactly as if you where parking a car at the parking building, except that you take the second entrance into the building which for rental cars only.

We describe the route exactly on our parking at Alicante airport article here, where you can find further pictures.

>> Click here for our Parking and Returning Rental Cars at Alicante Airport article here.



All Major Alicante Airport Car Hire companies:

Alicante Airport Car Hire Companies Telephone
Atesa 965 682 526
Auriga 965 687 918
Avis 965 682 779
Centauro 965 681 092
Europcar 965 684 850
Europa 965 683 362
Goldcar 965 652 482
Hertz 966 919 125
Record 966 919 016
Sixt 965 688 922
Sol-Mar 966 919 280


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