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Alicante Airport Bus

Finding your Bus at the Airport of Alicante

When you arrive at Alicante airport for the first time and try to figure out how to get a bus to Alicante , Benidorm, Calpe , Elche, Murcia or other cities around the Costa Blanca, the bus stop area at the airport can be quite confusing.

To say it in a more direct fashion – Alicante Airport got one huge BUS parking area just outside of the lower floor -2 , but this is for charter Buses and tour operator buses only.

Main Levels at Alicante Airports Terminal Building

Different Floor Levels at Alicante Airport

(click directly on the images left – to enlarge view)

Bus Stop Benidorm Alicante Denia Torrevieja Elche Murcia Buses

Outside Departure Area ( Level 2 )

This is the UPPER Level of the Airport! (Not in the charter bus area in lower Level -2!!!)

Local Buses

The Bus Stops for local area buses (from Alsa, Subus, Costa Azul – Quickair, Baile ) to Alicante, Benidorm, Denia, Santa Pola, Torrevieja, Murcia and Elche are located at the very end of the terminal building at departure level.

Again, to make this very clear: Local buses to Alicante, Benidorm, Torrevieja, Denia, Murcia, Santa Pola and Elche do Stop only outside the Departure Area (Level 2).

These bus-lines do NOT stop at the lower “bus” level of the airport.

Busstop for local buses to Benidorm Alicante Murcia and Denia outside the departure area of alicante airport

Where do I catch my bus at the airport of Alicante?

To get to the bus stop for regional busses do the following:

Exiting the arrival gate ( Level 0 ) you walk straight on to the elevators. Take the elevator UP to the Departure level. ( Do NOT go down to the arrival level, as this is for charter busses only).

At the departure level 2 you walk to the very end of the departure area and exit the terminal building. There they are: All bus-stops for local area busses to Alicante, Benidorm, Torrevieja etc are right outside the departure area.

Bus Stops for charter and tour buses at lower level alicante airport

Lower Floor (Level -2)

Is for charter shuttle bus services and tour operator buses e.g.:

  • Shuttledirect
  • Resorthoppa
  • Beni Connect
  • Holiday Taxis
  • Bestresortcare
  • Travel Republik
  • A2B
  • Jumbo Transfers
  • Jet2

Alicante Airport Bus to downtown Alicante

Alicante Airport has one so called “Airport – to – Alicante City” bus line. The bus is marked in spanish ” Centro Ciudad <> Aeropuerto ” and runs multiple times during the day.

  • Line C-6, Bus stop outside Departure Area at Alicante Airport,
  • Cheap – only 2.70 Euro to downtown
  • Slow – needs up to 40 Minutes to Alicante Center (but – hey take it as your first sightseeing trip :-))
  • Timetable – well… see below.. but … hardly ever worked our for me – comes usually every 20 Minutes to pick you up at the airport. So if you lucky – it is right there, if not… well – enjoy the sun!
  • Air-Conditioned – well sort of, sometimes it works – sometimes it doesn’t – but it’s fun!
  • Bus Driver – Please don’t worry! A spanish bus driver might not speak English or German, but if you ask for “Estacion de trenes” (Train Station) – he will tell you when to leave the bus! – do not get impatient it will take 40 minutes!
    (one comment on spanish bus drivers. They are the most friendly people I came across so far. Helpful and always smiling – I love them)


Map of Bus Stops Alicante Airport to Alicante Downtown Bus

Important Bus Stops on From Alicante Airport To Downtown Alicante Bus
  The Bus from Alicante Airport to Alicante leads you literally around downtown Alicante. Here the most important bus stops on your way from the airport to Alicante:  

Alicante Downtown Central Bus Station / Terminal

It’s only a few stops from the airport to the Bus stop right in front of the new Alicante Central Bus station or terminal, where busses to all major areas of the Costa Blanca and Spain are leaving! In case you want to ask the bus driver… “Bus terminal or station” is called “Estacion de autobuses” in spanish. 🙂 – Attention this is the stop to the NEW Bus station in Downtown Alicante (opened in Sept. 2011) harbor area.

TRAM Streetcar Station at Final Bus Stop Puerta del Mar

The next bus stop if you drive from the airport is the downtown bus stop at “Plaza Puerta del Mar” which gets you to the harbor area where various great hotels in Alicante are located. Its also a good starting point if you want to board a Alicante streetcar ( TRAM ) for any further traveling to nearby cities at the northern Costa Blanca region To catch the Tram from here to cities like Benidorm, Calpe etc, you will need to change tram line. Better to stay on the bus and drive to the Bus station at Plaza de los Luzeros to board the direct Tram lines to the Costa Blanca.

TRAM Streetcar Station at Plaza de los Luceros

Your best connection to get on the Streetcar (TRAM) to the northern Costa Blanca is at the bus stop at Plaza de los Luceros. You can walk a couple of meters to the Luceros Underground Streetcar station.


Alicante Train Station

To board a train at Alicante train station you can exit the Alicante airport bus after you have done a entire “loop” around the city. The bus stop is right outside the train terminal just couple of feet away.

The Alicante bus timetable

Runs all year… frequent daily buses, basically every 20 minutes until late at night.

My final tip on the Alicante Airport Bus:

Go to bus stop 30 (it is really just 1 Minute from the arrival building), have a look how many people are already waiting and ask for how long they are already standing around in the sun. In case nobody is waiting, you know that the bus just left – and you might have to wait 20+ minutes. – Depending if you travel in a group you might want to reconsider taking the Alicante Airport Bus, and perhaps better take a Taxi from nearby.


Alicante Airport Direct Bus Services

Alicante Airport Bus to Benidorm and Calpe

A new direct Bus line from Alicante Airport to Benidorm has been installed. It leaves also from Bus stop outside of the departure level of Alicante airport. More details, timetable and pricing here.


Alicante Airport Bus to Elche

For those visiting the world capital of palm trees the city of Elche, this is good news. The spanish bus company Subus runs a bus service from Alicante Airport to Elche. Details here.


Alicante Airport Bus to Murcia

Visitors to the city of Murcia find a direct bus service run by the Alsa bus company from Alicante airport. Details on the Murcia to/from Alicante Airport bus here.


Alicante Airport Bus to Torrevieja

Daily direct bus service between the airport and Torrevieja is available. Details about the timetable and how to get to Torrevieja by bus from Alicante airport can be found here.

Detailed Instructions on
How to get from Alicante Airport to other cities Around the Costa Blanca
>> Alicante Airport to Alicante Downtown    
Altea >> Alicante Airport to Altea Javea >> Alicante Airport to Javea
Benidorm >> Alicante Airport to Benidorm Moraira >> Alicante Airport to Moraira
Benissa >> Alicante Airport to Benissa Murcia >> Alicante Airport to Murcia
Calpe >> Alicante Airport to Calpe Playa Flamenca >> Alicante Airport to Playa Flamenca
Denia >> Alicante Airport to Denia San Juan de Alicante >> Alicante Airport to San Juan
Elche >> Alicante Airport to Elche Santa Pola >> Alicante Airport to Santa Pola
El Campello >> Alicante Airport to El Campello Teulada >> Alicante Airport to Teulada
Gran Alacant >> Alicante Airport to Gran Alacant Torrevieja >> Alicante Airport to Torrevieja
Guardamar del Segura >> Alicante Airport to Guardamar del Segura    


TRAM Streetcar Station at Final Bus Stop Puerta del Mar

The final busstop is the downtown bus stop at “Plaza Puerta del Mar” which gets you to the harbor area where various great hotels in Alicante are located. Its also a good starting point if you want to board a Alicante streetcar ( TRAM ) for any further traveling to nearby cities at the northern Costa Blanca region.


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